Heat Sheets for Tomorrow's Away Meet at Stonebridge

Attention Sharks! Please see attached heat sheet for tomorrow’s AWAY swim meet at Stonebridge!

We are still in need of 3 place judges and one ribbon writer! Please email Tracey at traceyzola@gmail.com. Please note all families must have completed 3 volunteer jobs to be considered to receive any raffle tickets at the end of season banquet. If you volunteer over 3 jobs. you will receive more tickets. 3 jobs is the minimum requirement for your child to swim.

Please tattoo your swimmer's number on your child's LEFT arm BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. Using a black sharpie works the best.

Heat one is for the Main Event swimmers and the exhibition heats will follow in the same event. In order to keep the meet moving in a timely manner, the exhibition heats may not follow the order of swimmers listed heats and lanes on the heat sheet. That is OK! All swimmers times will be captured!

NOT ALL SWIMMERS WILL BE IN RELAYS. If your child is in a relay please be on time and if they CANNOT stay for the last relay, you must let the coaches know ASAP.

Please make sure you bring sunscreen, lots of water/Gatorade and snacks for your swimmer. To stay cool, it helps to remove swim caps after swimming each event. Don't forget goggles and towels!

Please remind your swimmer that we are visitors at another pool and to behave accordingly following all the pol guidelines. Swimmers must be supervised by parents in between their events. Upon arrival, identify your child's kid pusher so you know who they are and where to find them!

Please remember there is NO morning practice on Wednesdays and Wednesday evening is Wacky Wednesday!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

Go Sharks!

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